Seam-seal International manufactures a wide variety of high quality seam tapes in various gauges, widths and styles. We use the highest level of base components across our spectrum of products. Since most quality seam tapes are of a multi-layer construction, it is important to note that the layers of our seam tapes are virtually impossible to delaminate. Our seam tapes are tested extensively for durability and suitability prior to introduction and we continue to perform periodic testing to verify consistency of quality. All of our seam tapes are washable and most are dry cleanable, at least to the limits of the fabric manufacturer. Our seam tapes are wound with the adhesive facing the core for protection and cleanliness.

Recommended seam tape application conditions will vary between different between different machinery and fabrics. The recommended conditions stated are a starting point only. Optimal conditions should be established by the factory for the specific application.

NOTICE: Seller hereby excludes any express warranties and the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The following is made in lieu of any such warranties. Seam Seal International believes the information and specifications supplied are reliable, but does not guarantee that any results shown or claimed will be obtained. Before using, the user shall determine the suitability and fitness of the product for its intended use. The user assumes all risks and liability whatever in connection with its own tests and use. Neither seller nor manufacturer shall be liable for any injury, low or damage, direct.

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