About us

Since 1996 Seam Seal International’s (S.S.I.) products have been effectively used around the world in a wide variety of industries. We supply a comprehensive range of quality seam tapes in a range of fabrics, widths and gauges – many of which are manufactured specifically to customer requirements from basic Polyurethane single layer, two layer and three layer tapes to complex chemical barrier tapes in various widths and colors. Applications for our seam sealing tapes are as varied as the tapes themselves. For example, S.S.I. tapes are found in the production of tents, rainwear, ski-wear, waders, waterproof bags, gloves, protective clothing, wet/dry suits, army field wear, tarps, geodesic domes and advertisement balloons.

Our head office in the USA and branches in the U.K. and Poland give us global coverage to benefit our customers with competitive pricing and full technical support on all products. Seam Seal International is your partner to provide you with the ideal seam sealing solution to fit your needs.

As manufacturers, converters, and master distributors of seam sealing tapes and thermoplastic hot melt films worldwide, Seam Seal International offers you the benefits of:

  • Products with proven reliability and strength in the market place
  • Responsive customer service worldwide with expertise in the marketplace
  • Long experience of research and development to produce quality products

… and of course competitive prices !