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T2U5K seam tape (T2U5K)

A thermoplastic polyurethane single-layer seam tape. The tape is excellent on breathable and non-breathable coated and laminated material. It is widely used by manufacturers of fashionable rainwear, skiwear, and other work wear apparel to waterproof sewn seams. The tape exhibits excellent adhesion and gives perfect 100% waterproof cross seam sealing. Suitable for light to medium weight fabrics. Commercially the tape offers a lower cost solution when the production cost is also a key factor.The tape is a new modified version for large volume manufacturers.



A soft feel thermoplastic polyurethane two-layer seam tape with high melting hot melt. Suitable for all coated and laminated and stretchy fabrics. It is widely used by manufacturers of fashionable rainwear, skiwear, and other work wear apparel to waterproof sewn seams. Suitable for light to medium weight fabrics used by high branded sports wear produces.

Product technical data (T2U5K)

Mfc code T2UGY seam tape
  • Adhesive Softening Point: 155-175°F (70-80°C)
  • Thickness: 0,005″ (0.120 mm)
  • Sevice temperature: -22°F to 122 °F (-30°C to 50°C)
  • Color: Translucent
  • Finish: Smooth Finish
  • Standard Widht: 20, 22 mm
  • Dry-cleaning: Resistant
  • Washing 50°C
  • Surface layer : Polyurethan film
  • Adhesive layer: Hot melt adhesive glue
  • Roll: 200 mtrs
  • Box: 26 rolls / 5 200 mtrs)
Machine settings
  • Air temperature: 950-1020 °F (500 -550 °C)
  • Air presure: 12-15 PSI (0.85-1.0 kG/cm2)
  • Roller upper/lower: rubber/steel
  • Roller heater temp.: Off
  • Roller speed: 4-5 m/min
  • Roller presure: 45-60 PSI (3-4 kG/cm2)
  • Distance A: 0.080″-0.118″ (2-3 mm)
  • Distance B: 0.200-0.320″ (5-8 mm)
  • Recommended seam tape application conditions will vary between different between different machinery and fabrics. The recommended conditions stated are a starting point only. Optimal conditions should be established by the factory for the specific application. Machine used in testing QUEEN LIGHT QHP-805, upper roller made from rubber, lower roller made from steel.
  • Packing can vary depending of customer’s needs. Please always ask before ordering.
  • The sealing process is completed when full width tape bond is achieved when the adhesive layer on the tape bonds firmly with the fabric membrane. The most important condition is to achieve the correct melting point of the adhesive from the tape. We suggest using an IR thermometer to check the actual machine temperature to achieve the perfect result.
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