To provide the customer with the best seam-sealing solution avalable….

Although, Seam Seal International would like you to buy our seam tapes, the primary intent of our business is to assist you in doing better job of taping the sewn seams of whatever products you are producing.
Naturally we believe our seam tapes are better than others.
Equally important however, is our goal of helping our customers in every way possible to meet all tender and government business criteria. See the benefits of S.S.I. below:

  1. Seam-seal International manufactures a wide variety of seam tapes in various gauges, widths and styles.
  2. Our seam tapes possess at least as much elasticity as the fabrics to which they are applied.
  3. Since most quality seam tapes are of a multi-layer construction, it is important to note that the layers of our seam tapes are virtually impossible to delaminate.
  4. Our seam tapes are tested extensively for durability and suitability prior to introduction and we continue to perform periodic testing to verify consistency of quality.
  5. All of our seam tapes are washable and most are dry cleanable, at least to the limits of the fabric manufacturer.
  6. Our seam tapes are wound with the adhesive facing the core for protection and cleanliness.
  7. Seam-Seal International will provide compatibility and durability testing on your fabric with our seam tapes free of charge. In many cases we have already performed the tests and a report is available for an explanation of tests that we perform please read our knowledge base.

Seam Seal International is committed to quality, customer service and price stability. This is why Seam Seal, Inc. has become the worlds’ leading supplier of thermoplastic adhesives with special emphasis on seam sealing tapes.