Seam Seal Equipment New & Used


Seam Seal USA is an authorized dealer of QueeenLight hotair seam sealing machines. The QueenLight name has been known in the US for over 30 years as the top-of-the-line seam sealing equipment. The old green machine QHP778 is found in many shops across the US—some of them 25+ years old and still dutifully performing their tasks.

The latest and most common model from QueenLight in the “dual-arm” configuration is the QHP-A08. It offers state of the art electronics and options such as T-5 tape feeder , heated upper roller and laser light marker. The additional horizontal arm adds flexibility for sealing small ‘rounds” such as garment hoods or ankles.

We also offer the simpler “post arm” 905 machine. The post machine also has a shoe or bootie post for sealing narrow, tight curves as in boot liners for example.