Our adhesive coated films are used to waterproof the inside of an embroidered fabric.

Both custom patches and wide width material are manufactured from our hi- tech range of specialized heat seal films.

The films are simply heat pressed over the back of the embroidery. Our special low temperature adhesive coatings will adhere to most fabrics successfully and will withstand machine washing.

Our solution is quick and easy to make the embroidered jacket waterproof again in seconds.
The application of a Seam Seal embroidery patch will remove the common complaint amongst customers who wear embroidered waterproof clothing and complain that the embroidery has a constant dampness on the inside of the jacket.

The pre cut patch is applied to the inside of the garment leaving the appearance of the embroidery with out any residue on the surface of the fabric. The heat seal films are very soft so they do not change the drape or hand of the garment.

We can supply patches pre cut to the customer’s own specification or wide width to allow the embroidery manufacturer higher flexibility.
Seam Seal also have a range of heat and platen presses suitable for applying our range of backing films.