Handling and Storage of Seam Tapes


A. For best results, do not store tape in areas that are subject to high temperature or humidity. Ideal storage conditions are temperatures less than 85 F / 30 c, and humidity 50% or less. This will greatly extend the useful shelf life of the tape

B. To prevent discoloring, tape should be stored in a well-ventilated area and away from ultraviolet (sun) light (including fluorescent lighting).

C. Store tape in the original sealed shipping carton until ready to use. Tape should be stored vertically (Fig 2 a). Do not store tape on edge (Fig 2 b). This could cause flat spots and make application difficult.

D. If you purchase tape from a manufacturer who uses an expiry date, be sure to rotate your inventory. Seam Seal seam tapes do not have an automatic expiry date.